Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Today the Pukey Pals cards files were taken to the print shop. If everything goes as planned I should be in business in a day or two. I printed 20 sets to cover my pre-order customers and some extra, and I can have new sets printed as they are ordered. If you are an awesomely cool person and you want everyone to know it, message me here on my blog or you can email me at keithwseifert dot com.

I saw some mockups today and they looked sharp and colorful. Even the fake dirt looks nice and pretty! Both sides of the cardstock are coated so they're shiny on front and back.

You can see all the cards below in this blog, but you don't get to see the back poster puzzle image! That's my special gift to those who are choking up the moola! I think the secret back image will make your life more happy. If there are any meaning-of-life mysteries you've been curious about, all will be answered when the secret image is revealled to you.
Valentine's Day!
Mother's Day!
Wedding Anniversary!
Pukey Pals cards would make wonderful gifts! Imagine the look of joyous love your mother would get on her face if she opened her very own set of these cards! She would forget all her other kids and you will become her favorite!

(Artificial simulation of what a set of Pukey Pals cards might look like sitting on your shelf)

The price ends up being $12 a set. CHEAP!


Even though you don't need a reason, here's a subliminal message to make you want to own these cards:
Bnh - Bnh - Bnh
hon CVu uof HGrb honLZGrt
hOn HvAG uo m!ll ot honL omu
(If you aren't naturally dyslexic or strabismic you can use an upside down mirror to reveal this message. Hold a mirror tilted face down, OVER the red letters, and look up into mirror at the them . . . AND THEN OBEY!)

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  1. I want to see how big the cards are next to a weiner dog.


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