Thursday, April 9, 2009


Painting is kind of a new-ish experience for me. Most of my life I've only drawn pictures in black and white. My reasoning was kind of dumb. I thought if I colored a picture, I could never make a photocopy of it so therefore I was wasting my time doing something I couldn't reproduce. After the advent of scanners, digital cameras and photoshop-type programs, I begrudgingly changed my stubborn attitude.

I studied and learned tricks from my favorite painters, and as I would figure things out I'd write them in my note book. Now my note book is full and I thought maybe it would be helpful for others who were wanting to learn to paint. My note book is about 70 pages, and then I've done some step-by-step paintings to add to the back of the book. (You can see some of those a few posts back.) I didn't want to type it up professionally; I was thinking it was more fun just as a sloppy reproduction of my note book.

Here are some example pages:


  1. ok keith, i am definitely going to need to see some more of these. i have a confession, i can't paint and i am scared to try! i have been meaning to get down to it for awhile now but the closest i have come is getting some watercolors. these pages here along with your step by steps are pure GOLD. i really would like to see some more.

  2. thanks Brad!

    Sure, I'll post more pages from this book if you wanna see. you should try painting something. i've never used water colors before; they do seem tricky and unforgiving.

    Acrylic mistakes can be covered up with more paint (and i do a lot of that!)

  3. yeah i have just started dabbling in acrylic to get a feel for it, but i want to get some gouache. watercolors are not so bad but i am just using them to color goofy drawing and my technique is similar to using a crayon.

    i really would like to see some more of these pages they are really great and kudos to you for taking the time to write this stuff down!

    ps - yeah the palindrome thing is cool and my dad's name is BOB hahah!


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