Wednesday, July 22, 2009

PUKEY PALS: D. D. Dean and the McSneakies

For those who are just now seeing this disgusting mess, I'm inspired by Nutty Mads and Weird-Ohs and that sort of stuff from the 60s. My goal is to make a 55 card set. When I get them all done, I'd like to have them printed hopefully with a big poster-sized puzzle on their back faces.


  1. oh man - the McSneakies are so great! They should have their comic or something!
    Deep diggin dan is great too, looks painful.

    How many of these do you have now?

  2. Thanks Brad, There are 52 so far.

  3. 3 more to go!? wow, i am impressed that you have followed through with this. have you started on the design yet for the puzzle on the back?

  4. Thanks! I didn't start that one yet. I wanted it to be nicer since it will be big. I'd kind of like to do a painting for it.

    I added up how many it would take to make a block of cards, and 55 would be 1 short. I guess I'll make one extra checklist card to make it 56. Then the poster could be 7-cards X 8-cards.


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