Thursday, March 17, 2011


New-ish. It's used, but new for me... sort of. It's called the Ibanez Tube Screamer TS9. I had one of these guitar pedals about 20-something years ago. I left it at a buddy's house and as time went by it became more and more awkward to ask for it back. To make a long boring story a short boring story: I never saw it again.

Ever since I lost it I haven't been able to get a sound I liked on any other pedal, and I've gone through a bunch. For the longest time I couldn't get another one of these because they were discontinued and the price zoomed up on Ebay. Now they're easily accessible again. This pedal records very well. It sounds good no matter what type of music you play on it. I think opera backing music would even sound good on this pedal. Maybe even country! he he! Just teasing.

Before you get mad about the country music - gaze into the eye of the wiener dog... Your anger shall dissipate.


  1. Lucy! Just gaze upon that noble visage.

    Back in the day (well, my day, anyway) I have me one of those Ibenez pedals. We just call it "the screamer." What a memory rush. Gave that warm, fat distortion.

  2. R/E,
    Lucy said to tell you "bark." She said you'd know what it meant.

    That is exciting to me you had this pedal. What sort of music did you play?

  3. Punk. Like a poor man's Ramones. NYC circa 1985. Played the clubs on off nights. Never even made a blip. Had fun.

  4. That's supercool. Did you guys do covers or originals? Do you still play?

  5. Originals. I haven't played in years and have sold all equipment (including the screamer). I used to play a gibson SG Junior (If I remember right) from the 1960s. Fetched a nice penny on eBay.

  6. Hey... I love country music...well...not what passes for country today...Willie Nelson is kinda cool, but he never gets played on modern country radio...but the old stuff sounds great to my ear.


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