Thursday, January 6, 2011


Here's number 3 in a set of Spike the Self-Conscious comics. You can see more HERE.

I think Spike is the saddest, most emotional character I've ever made.


  1. The Main character in my 4th screenplay is named Spike; and he was the saddest, most emotional character ever born from my brain. What I love about this series thus far is, you have found really funny ways to take a "one-joke" concept to new peaks, with really sharp wit. Can't wait for Spike's 1st sex scene ;~j

  2. your humor is subtle that when it hits ya it really hits ya hard. this is so great, and what a creative character. so simple yet so funny! really good stuff, always love your comics. i hope sometime you decide to put them together in a collection of some sort.

  3. Did not notice the horn on the guy on the right's head at first, and this only made the joke funnier to me.

    How do you come up with this stuff?

    Recently got that huge New Yorker cartoon book, {the one with the dvds} from Nikki for Xmas...I'm amazed at the thought mind is not exactly wired that way, so hats off to all you who do panel cartoons.

    Charles Adams is my fave. Great drawings, funny black humour...what's not to like, huh?

  4. Nikki sounds like a good daughter. She knows what you like.

    I love Charles Addams too. I have some of his books.


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