Sunday, January 9, 2011


I wonder when Lucy looks at something for a long time like this, what is going on in her head. What does she think it is? Does it look like some kind of tool by which she could either eat or sleep(her two main functions) more easily? Maybe she could rest her head in there and relax better? What is her plan?

Actually it's a wall-hanger for a guitar. There's a small room in my house with too many guitars all on stands on the floor, and there's hardly any room to walk in there anymore. This is a hook for hanging shovels and rakes. I got it at Menards for about $1.50.

Then a block of wood was cut from poplar:
1 1/4" thick
2 1/2" wide
4" long

A random shape was routed into the edge just to make it purtier.

A 1/4" hole was drilled in the center, and 2 screw holes were drilled on each side.

That shovel hook was twisted into the center hole

And Tada! It fits every single guitar I have.

It got a few coats of Krylon clear satin acrylic spray and it's ready to hang on the wall. I'll have to make sure I find a stud for this thing since it's gonna be holding a lot of weight.

It was so easy and cheap I went ahead and made a bunch of them. This is gonna clear out an entire room in my house. It'll be like moving into a bigger home! Yee ha!


  1. KW: If Lucy were a cat (like my Bad Jerome), I'd say she was giving herself enough time to convince herself that it had moved (so she could pounce and then run away). Being a dog, which are more human, I'd say she was about to fall asleep and her eyes were simply resting on the object in front of her.


    Those guitar hangers look great! I wish I both had the tools and knew how to use them well (like you).

  2. Haha! "Bad Jerome" is the best cat name I've ever heard in my life. Your canine brain analysis is probably pretty accurate.

  3. Cool!

    I too have way too many guitars in the house...around 14..but no space to attach to walls I'm afraid.

    And let's not talk about the cases!

  4. 14 is a pretty amount! And I bet every one of them has a specific reason for being there too, huh? ha ha!

  5. Lucy's obviously wondering why she's still awake after only getting 18 hours of sleep that day.

  6. Lucy's sleeping muscle is really strong.

  7. You are so right KW. Every guitar was adopted by me for a specific reason...some don't play well or at all, but are so damn cool.

  8. I know that feeling. I've tried thinning down my inventory a few times, but each one is different. If we had 10 of the same thing it would be easy.


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