Tuesday, April 5, 2011


These are pretty nifty. They're called Freaky Geeks and you can get this full set for a 3 or 4 bucks right now on Ebay. They're about 1 inch tall so they meet my fit-unnoticeably-into-a-drawer requirement.

This is just the kind of thing to get me into a drawing mood. They all have names but I don't know them. I could google them to find out their names, but the google tab is ALLLLLLL the way over there on the other side of the screen, so forget that!

You can probably attain an entire set the old fashioned way, from a real gumball machine, but I bet you'd spend tens of dollars before getting the last one needed to complete a set.


  1. Hey Keith! I love your "they fit inside a desk drawer criterion" for buying stuff.. :) My wife would go along with that.
    I love the green Squiddly-Diddly guy (on the far right) the best.

  2. yes i agree with rogue, the fit inside the drawer requirements is a good one. I have a vintage candy bar box where all my little knick knacks go. these guys look pretty awesome!

  3. Cool.

    I think the orange fishy face is my fave.

    I had been always buying stuff for inspiration, but finally had to curtail my mania as I just ran out of room. Much stuff is in boxes in the attic, but a few {100's} remain in the studio.

    I've something that I'd like to show you, so I'll post them as soon as can. I found these toy creatures about 15 years ago, and cannot identify them. I got them in a small mom and pop corner store in a section of town I seldom visit...it was a good find and quite unexpected.

    Perhaps you can shed some light on what and where they might be from!

  4. I always dug this kind of stuff. I appreciated, even as a young-un, a toy company coming up with their own ideas rather than licensing them.

  5. R/E and Brad, Thanks guys! SETFID (small enough to fit in drawers) is my new code to live by.

    Willy, Yes, show me these monsters! I want to see!

    Jeff, Licensed characters are making things expensive! I started liking dog toys. Dogs don't care about famous characters so their toys are still random weirdness. If I had a bigger house I think I'd start collecting dog toys.

  6. Yeah these rule. We got the red guy and like 6 of the green guy... it's not as frustrating as trying to get that one last Gogos Crazy Bones we need to complete the set though! Argh, #9 where are you????

  7. Karswell, thanks for visiting! Good luck on #9. Maybe ebay.

  8. My Top 5 Infectious Monsters...

    5. Aswang
    4. Zombie
    3. Werewolf
    2. Vampire
    1. ?????


  9. I think you're right, those are the most infectious!

  10. omg, the Freaky Geeks have a Youtube Video too!
    yeah the artist has to be 1) from USA 2) older b/c of the Hot Rod look.


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