Thursday, April 28, 2011


Number six in a long run of six comics (so far) about the Screaming Wilhelms. See their earlier comics by clicking HERE.
Oh powerful and mighty flatulence joke, is there nothing you can't make greater?

UPDATE: This junky old version of the comic has been superseded by a NEWER FANCIER VERSION. CLICK!


  1. Did you try a finer point pen for this one ? The punchline for this one doesn't stink. I don't understand why character 2 is pinching his nose...

    ...unless, his roomate replaced his Television with Smellavision nyuck nyuck !

  2. Lysdexicuss, Ha ha! I hope this joke is clear. It's supposed to be a misinterpreted "Excuse me." Sometimes people say it when they want you to move. Other times they say it when they do something foul.

    Brad, thanks friend!

  3. Love the SW's. My favorite strip you do. And if I live to be 1,000, I hope I never stop finding farts funny.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Too many typos - let's try agian:

    Let's be classy and call it scatological humor. Love the art (as friggin' always), but not sure the joke was clear - mainly because holding one's nose (without comment) is not the usual response to a fart "excuse me." Perhaps a combination of holding nose and a speech balloon "You're excused"?

    Despite this quibble, you continue to be the renascence genius of the blogosphere!

  6. Jeff, Thanks friend!

    Mykal, You are right. That's the nice thing about blogs; you can test things out and get honest input and suggestions before committing to anything permanently. I'll try reworking it and give it another shot. It may fix it, or it may just end up being a throwaway.


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