Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This seemed funny to me, cavemen with guns. There is mucho clutter in this drawing. I hoped it would create a sense of chaos. I'm not real happy with the front caveman's big sideways foot.


  1. you already know that i love this! any plans to color it?

  2. I have plans to make a nicer color version and even a full comic. Sometimes though, my plans get sidetracked if something else more fun comes along.

  3. That's hilarious! It would be a great comic... lot's of possible jokes. :)

  4. Thanks Kevin,
    If you have any brainstorming ideas, shoot them at me

  5. I have a composition suggestion-- the guy on the right hand side needs to move the gun in his right hand a little bit. Right now it looks like he's shooting the middle guy in the arm.

  6. that's probably a good idea. i made those guys separately and combined them in photoshop. when i scooted him down his feet got covered up with the gun. maybe he needs a complete smallernin'.

  7. A couple funny ideas for the story might be:

    the dinosaurs eventually start using weapons too.

    long intense panels of intense dialog/narration ... all in gibberish.

    the mixture of new and old technology is pretty funny. It might be funny if they drove jeeps, for example, but in other ways were still extremely primitive.


  8. ha ha! those are great ideas!

  9. I see 2 ways to do a story:

    An army battalion is somehow transported back in time to prehistoric times and the cavemen "commandeer" their weapons and gear


    The army finds some cavemen and dinosaurs frozen in a glacier. They thaw out and the army recruits the cavemen to help them stamp out the rampaging dinosaurs

  10. wow! those are great ideas. i like the frozen in a glacier idea. It's plausible to think the army assumes the cavemen would best know the ways of the dinosaur.

    i like the other idea too, because I kind of wish they were in prehistoric times instead of the present.

  11. Maybe the dinosaurs are about to become smart, and if they do they will take over and the whole timeline will be wrecked.

    Maybe some present day scientist discovers this and decides the only way to stop the alternate reality destruction of humanity is to kill the dinosaurs before they get smart.

    The time machine he makes won't transport living objects, so he just has to send guns back and hope the cavemen know what to do with them.

    For the most part, they don't, and end up shooting each other as much as the dinosaurs.

    I'm using this as a notepad to jot down ideas.


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