Monday, May 11, 2009


When I was on my porch today the mailman walked up and gave me a carboard box. Inside was THIS CYCLOPS-BABY HEAD! GASP! My friend Scot sent it to me for no other reason than to be nice. I squealed out with joy when I opened it and proclaimed to Mei I would be hanging it on the wall. She nervously asked, "Um, will you be hanging it in the, uh... living room?" 

I thought it was nice of her not to immediately forbid me to hang it between all her Chinese-style decor, but I'd been planning on hanging it over my drawing board ever since I found out it was coming.  I like all the deep angular facets in it's face. His colors are bright and cheerful too. Scot cast it in resin from an original sculpture he made.

Now it stares at me while I draw. On the wall there are super-cool Popeye and Groovie Goolies framed cel pictures. Both were hand-made birthday gifts from my friend Bob.


  1. very cool! i keep thinking i can add notes to pictures like in flickr...

  2. ha ha! you are wanting to make boxes around stuff? those old toys on the right are banks. there's a torture victim hanging from the desk lamp, and a mego batman head on the end of that pencil.


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