Thursday, May 14, 2009


A guy I know wanted to completely cover his forearm with skulls, and then blend them all together with smoke in between. These are the designs I made for him. 

There are only so many poses you can do with a skull. Since it doesn't have skin it can't smile, frown, wink, furl it's brow, etc... I told him he should have the tattooist mirror some, and add and remove eyeballs from some for variety. That seemed like enough skulls to get his arm covered.

When I gave him the skull designs I told him a skull-covered forearm probably wouldn't go over very well on job interviews. he just shrugged his shoulders as if he didn't care. If he doesn't care, I don't care. He usually buys me a pizza for payment.

Another time he wanted me to paint harp-strumming angels for him. He told me I'd get one pizza for each angel (as a wooing technique,) and everyday he'd ask, "You got those Pizza-Angels done yet?"


  1. Oh my! Might you be related to a 'Mimi and a Moe'??? If so, these children are going to insanely talented! (between you and their mom!)

  2. Jenn
    I'm their uncle! They are talented! I'm proud of them. They love drawing. They also get drawing influence from their dad.
    Thanks for the comment and thanks for visiting me


  3. sweet skull how does bob like his tattoos? hahaha! seriously though did the guy get this on his arm? i'd like to see that. at least he didnt have you do a bunch of Tasmanian devil designs....

  4. Ha! In the end he decided against getting these skulls permanently engraved into his flesh.

    hey, if you write "renner" in cursive lowercase, it will look the same in a mirror. A lower case r is crucial.

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