Monday, March 8, 2010


Earlier I posted drawings and photos of the mascot I made for the local Wok N Roll restaurant here in my city. During the next few posts I'll be making a 3D sculpture of this mascot for the restaurant.

I forgot to take pictures of the 1st couple steps. The 1st thing I did was glue up a chunk of wood around 3" thick. After that I drew a profile of the eggroll body onto the wood and cut it out on a bandsaw.

Then I rounded it up on an edge sander, which is what you see in this photo. When I rounded it, I worked it down to have an octagonal cross section shape 1st and then rounded those edges. Now it's a cylinder with a slight curve to it. Then ends are rounded a little but still remain somewhat square-ish.

Next I sketched on a face and some fold lines with a Sharpie. The mouth in the drawing isn't really possible in 3D so I had to change it to a simpler symmetrical shape.
I checked what size dowels I had available and drilled a hole in the nose that size.

Tada! Now he's able to smell things with his single giant nostril. Later I'll insert a schnozolla into that hole.
Tune in tomorrow, Same time; Same channel, and the eggrolling shall continue.


  1. SWEEEET! i am looking forward to this!!!

  2. KW: Is that a Pigma Brush I see next to your keyboard? Brush or Micron? -- Mykal

  3. Brad, thanks for the visit and the comment!

    Mykal, wow, good eye! It's a Pigma Micron 05. I've been using that when I need thin, non-variating lines. I Like using the Pitt Brush pens a lot too. My favorite was the Sakura SumiBrush pen but I can't find those anymore.


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