Saturday, March 6, 2010

WOK -N- ROLL RESTAURANT grand opening

Earlier I posted some designs I did for a local restaurant here in Evansville. The restaurant, Wok N Roll, just had its grand opening and here are some pictures from the event.

Here's the street sign with the egg roll mascot. It's got a drive thru. I've never seen another Chinese restaurant with a drive thru. They may exist but I've never seen any.

Here's a drive thru menu I designed.

This is the ribbon cutting ceremony. I was told they had about 300 people at the grand opening.

It's a tradition to have fireworks at the opening of a Chinese business. I suspect it's not legal in the city but they went with the "it's easier to get forgiveness than permission" credo. Nobody complained.
It was much more loud than anyone expected. I likened it to the sound of a cannon explosion that just wouldn't stop exploding, almost like if you had an old record of a cannon explosion and the needle kept skipping just on that part.
This is a backdrop I designed. It was originally supposed to get the swoosh shape cut out at the bottom but the sign makers kept it square. Maybe that would have been difficult or expensive. I'm not sure.
My wife Mei, me, Jane (the owner,) and Chris, the right-hand man who also owns his own pizza restaurant. Mei doesn't work there but put on a shirt and helped serve traditional Chinese steamed rolls and noodles and hot tea for the event.


  1. KW: What an amazingly cool thing! You must be very proud. If I was you, I would eat there every week take-out just so I could gaze at my drive-thru menu! Just really cool, and everything looks very good. I would eat there in a heartbeat. And I loved the pics. I come from a suburb in Michigan - man, those pics look like home to me. Those are my people!! -- Mykal

  2. Awesome, KW~! About time someone delivered Chinese Take-Out to us Hungry Comix Bloggers~!

    I'll have the Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables, two Egg Rolls, a Dr. Pepper, and a Honey Twist~!

    Hurry up~! I'm already famished~!

    Big tip the sooner you get here~!

    ps: cutting out the indoor sign would have posed a slight DANGER, is maybe why they opted not to; with that pointy part sticking down.

  3. So cool Keith... I'd almost drive the 13 hours to E-ville just to eat at a place where you designed the logo/character :)
    I forgot, does the Egg-roll dude have a name?
    Good to see you and Mei on camera again (handsome people).

  4. Mykal, Thanks for the kind words. Come to Eville and I'll take you there my treat.

    Lysdexicuss, Where were you?! I knocked on your door for 30 minutes. All that knocking made me hungry and after I realized i'd eaten all your food I got back in the car and came home.

    R/E, Thanks for the nice comments! The owner lady named him Mr. Eggwok. She said she thought that sounded cute.

  5. Fantastic!
    I'm so very impressed!
    Is there anything you cannot do well?

  6. AWESOME! Great job, you should be proud! What a fantastic logo!

  7. oh by the way, is the food any good??

  8. You've been busy!

    Nice work! For some reason, I'm really hungry!!

  9. Brad thanks! and YES the food is great! It's all fresh and hot, not that reheated, prepared overnight stuff like at the other places.

    Willy, thanks! I have been busy! I miss having free time.


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