Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The Eggroll Project from yesterday continues:

Today I'll finalize the face. I think once I finish that the most critical and crucial part is done. The rest of it doesn't need to be so exact or precise.

I started cutting a mouth and something didn't look right to me. I think it was due to the fact I was making a 3D version of a 2D character. It seemed like even though he didn't have cheeks on the drawing, he needed them in the 3D version; otherwise his smile looked robot-ish or jack-o-lantern-ish. To make the cheeks appear raised I removed wood from above and below them.

This is what his face looked like after I finished the chisel work. You can see the chisel marks but those are going to be sanded out.

Tada! Here he is after I went over his face with sand paper. 1st I used some coarse paper and graduated down to fine grit. The finest grit makes the wood shiny. Sometimes I will use steel wool at the very end. It will shine things up very nicely. As a side note: if you just happen to have a 9-volt battery on your work bench and some steel wool, never throw them together in the same pile. Bad things will happen. Then again if you were trying to make a campfire and didn't have any matches, a good thing would happen.

This is the the nose. I found a dowel this size so that's the hole size I drilled. I could have used any dowel size but that's what was 1st available. This particular dowel is manufactured with fluted grooves along its surface. Those give the glue a place to go rather than to be all squeezed out. I drilled a hole in a larger chunk of wood and glued the dowel into it. Then I carved the nose around the dowel. I don't think it would have been possible to carve the nose 1st and then try to drill it. It would have split apart because there wouldn't have been enough wood there to support a spinning drill bit. After I roughly carved the nose round I finished smoothing it up with sand paper, same as the face.

Here he is with the nose popped into place. I feel he's a reasonable enough match to the drawing. Hopefully people will easily recognize who he's supposed to be when he's all finished.
I think since he will sit in his own restaurant people won't have any trouble knowing who he's supposed to be, even if he is a little different than the drawing, but my goal is to get him to look right anyway.

Tomorrow this project will continue. Be here, or be squere!


  1. Note to self: Do not visit KW's Monster Blog when you are hungry. I want to dip his little buddy in duck sauce and bite his head off~!

  2. In the last line, were you trying to force "square" to rhyme with "here?" Cause square doesn't like being forced.

  3. Lysdexicuss, You are welcome to try and eat that eggroll! Haha!

    Bob, yeah, that was my attempt at a joke. At 1st I wrote "squeer" but it looked odd so I changed it.

  4. man you are just too good, really fun posts! can't wait for tomorrow!

  5. That is the most gorgeous eggroll I have ever seen!
    I love that face! The cheeks and smile lines add a lot.

  6. Brad, Thanks for the kind comments. It's mucho appreciated!

    Michael, Thanks buddy, For the cheek compliments!


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