Sunday, March 7, 2010


As a kid I remember fiddling around with these for hours. They were the same size as standard cowboy and Indian toys but they popped apart. All the differently colored pieces could separate and be rearranged in different configurations. I have Indians as well but they aren't in this picture.

If you wanted you could create cowboy aliens with heads for hands, or segmented centipede bodies, or whatever you wanted. For a cheap plastic toy they were pretty fun.
You can't see it in this photo but the faces are very realistic and almost scary. I remember being disturbed by the faces as a kid. What you could do to make the faces even more disturbing was to pull the neck stems out of the bodies Close Encounters style.

I looked on ebay and found similar toys. These were made either by Transogram or Timpo in the 1960s. I was surprised to see they were going for pretty cheap, about $1 each.


  1. yes i remember these well, i played with them all the time! oh back when things were so much simpler.

  2. These are that you can mutate them...mutation in the artists' lifeblood, no?

    I recall these great plastic toys I had as a kid..they were jungle animals, very well articulated, about 3 to 4 inches tall, which is a good size for plastic jungle animals...i loved them so much I bought 3 bags of them.

    The only bad thing was the colours they were given. Bright red gorilla, green tiger, blue lion etc.,.... but the strangest was the pure white elephant.

    A white elephant sale, I suppose? Of course I was too young to make that weak joke, and now I'm too old to be making that "joke".

    I played with the 3 red gorillas the most.

    Thanks for a nice memory!!

  3. Brad and Willy,

    Thanks for the comments! I really like that old non-articulated single color stuff. It was just as much fun as the fancy stuff. Maybe even more so. You could destroy it without guilt if you desired.


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