Thursday, July 15, 2010


Of all the cereals I think I enjoyed Cap'n Crunch the best, with the monster cereals at a close second. Cap'n Crunch had the best prizes and I liked the way they drew him back then, with the eye bags.

Here's a coloring book I found on Ebay. It's a strange image on the cover. Jean LaFoote is twisting the Cap'n's mustache. Is that a torture? It doesn't look like it hurts. Is it humiliating? Lots of times people will twist their own mustache when they are bored, or when they're thinking up an evil plot. This torture is a failure in my opinion. Much like if he were to twiddle the Cap'n's thumbs for him.

Some of the pages inside were colored. Look at it! It's obvious this kid has no understanding of human sclera! Now that I think about it this is a pretty violent picture for a kid to be coloring anyway. What's going on in the head of THIS kid? Why'd he pick THIS page?

For fun I removed the color. I POSTERIZED the drawing down to 8 colors so there wasn't a whole lot to have to deal with, and then I used the REPLACE COLOR feature, and changed everything (other than the blacks) to white. It only took a few minutes, and TADA!

It seemed too white so I replaced that tan background.

Upon viewing the bad stuff in the book I think, "Wow! That kid needs to do a better job!"

Some of the pages are colored by a kid with more expert abilities. He even did Jean LaFootes' whiskers. When I see this good stuff I think, "Wow! This kid is too old to be doing a coloring book!"
So sayeth a 41 year old guy who bought a Cap'n Crunch coloring book.


  1. Man what a great post Keith!
    I loved the Captain. I would get my Mom to buy the stuff so I could get the toys inside, the stuff on the back of the box, and the coupon thingies to send in with cash for the other toys. But the cereal as cereal? Some of the nastiest cardboard sugar I've ever had to gag down.
    The TV commericals were the best (loved Sea Dog)

  2. Oh yeah, that's a nice sweet coloring book, was it filled with many more horrifically violent scenes such as the pirate de-Cap'n-tating him? Perhaps Seadog being affixed with a peg-leg after having his real leg smashed by cannon fire? Huh? Izzere? Looks like Lafoote is twistin' the sh*t out of Caps mustache! Ouch! Uh, I mean, 'Aaaarrrrr!'

    The cereal was of course the equivilent of shards of sugar glass, causing breakfast to be that event where you left the table with the roof of your mouth in bloody shards.
    Hey, that should be in the coloring book!

  3. I'm betting the better-colored page was done by a parent or grandparent. I can remember endlessly pestering my Granny to color with me.

    I liked Capt. Crunch cereal OK, except for the part where the razor sharp corners would lacerate the roof of my mouth. "Stays crunchy, even in BLOOD!"

  4. Thanks R/e, Apocolyte, Bob, and Lysdexicuss!

    Now that I think about it, I liked Crunch Berries better than original Cap'n Crunch. I remember eating all the berries out of the box and leaving the rest. I don't know if I ever actually finished a whole box of Crunch Berries.

    I think after the prize was found the box sat where it sat. Then when we were in the grocery and I saw the next prize in the new boxes I'd beg my mom and promise to eat it all this time.

    When she would mention how I still had an old box at home I'd point out how it had gone stale. He he! I don't think it's even physically possible for them to go stale. It's not like they're made out of food or something!

    Thanks guys for the comments!

  5. During the first voice-over session, fellow actor June Foray purposely mispronounced the character's name as "Cap'n" - everyone liked it, so it stayed that way.

  6. I saw her being interviewed and she was very nice

  7. I like how Danger is capitalized. I also think this might scare the crap out of my kids.

  8. >So sayeth a 41 year old guy who bought a Cap'n Crunch coloring book.

    Haha, I sayeth (and buyeth) similar things.

  9. Nice to know I'm in good company

  10. Did you know that Captain Crunch's full name is Horatio Magellan Crunch?

    Just thought I'd share. : )

  11. Thanks Maegan!
    That's always strange to hear a new name put to a old familiar face. I remember hearing Uncle Scrooge's actual first name and it was weird too.
    Hope your day is happy

  12. If that 'stache twist is torture, then it's a very elegant torture, given the LaFootes' hand position...held between the thumb and forefinger as it he's holding a cocktail weiner on a toothpick!

  13. Yes it's a very dainty touch he's applying. How could it hurt?

  14. Awesome find! I've bought old Flintstones coloring books and the like in past years. Cap'n Crunch is pretty much king of the cereal mascots. But all of them like the Big G Monsters, Quisp, Flintstones, and TRIX Bunny, all had commercials to push the franchise, which were more creative and skillfully done than a lot of the cartoons at the time!

  15. I miss those days. They could take a squiggly piece of plastic and make it seem like it was worth a million dollars to a kid. I saw some retro Capo'n Crunch cereal boxes in the store right now, but sadly there were no prizes inside. They had trading cards you could cut out from the back of the box panel, but no kid wants that.


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