Saturday, July 24, 2010


Here's another Sinister Winston comic. I posted the 1st one a while back. I like this character because I have lots of prank ideas, but my fear of jail makes me too cowardly to try them in real life. Seeing them play out in drawn form is probably just about as satisfying.

If anyone doesn't know what a wire saw is, here's a link. You can skip ahead to the 2 minute mark if you wanna get to the action.


  1. Keith,
    Man I love Winston!!!
    He is deliciously evil.
    As funny as the whole strip is, my favorite panel has got to be the top one on page three where Winston "cares enough" to actually tune the guitar back to "in tune" after the addition of the saw strings... cracks me up!

  2. R/E
    Thanks for the kind words! That's the thing about Winston; he has a caring soul.

  3. Exactly why I never left my guitar on the street during my busking days!

  4. Did you really busk? If so, then cool!

  5. I've busked a number of times...mostly with like minded pals, just for the fun of it, but not for a long while.


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