Thursday, July 22, 2010


Just in case you were wanting to know how you could prank the handicapped spaces in parking lots, here's an idea.

Everyone's seen this iconic symbol:

First you would need to know what scale you will be working with. You will probably need to make a visit to the location to get measurements beforehand. Then you could make a cardboard template like in the picture below and cut out the black holes. Get some some paint the same color as the actual symbol on the parking space and Voila! Yer ready to go!

You can lay your cardboard template over the actual symbol and spray paint the additions in a matter of seconds, and then skeedaddle. Your results will look like this:

Of course this is all just conjecture for educational purposes only, and if anyone actually tried it they'd get arrested, so as awesome as it is, don't actually do this supercool trick.


  1. another super-cool trick would be to convert the handicap space into the sarcophagus lid of the tomb of Lord Pacal, Great Mayan King. A wee bit more elaborate ? Yes. But the street-cred in Prison would be fabulous compared to having 'incontinence' on your rap-sheet...

  2. First I'm laughing so hard I shoot milk out my nose (barely missing the monitor screen).... Keith you're brilliantly wicked and funny,
    but then I make the mistake of reading Lysdexicuss' comment and start laughing so hard (Lord Pacal; prison cred) that I choke on my hotdog and almost need the Heimlich
    This blog is dangerous (but in a good way)

  3. lol... that looks very slick.

    Another idea is you could add another round line on the backside to make a giant butt, double the leg lines, and make the sign say:

    "fattie parking"


  4. Lysdexicuss- Ha! You are so right! My street cred would be major for something like that!

    Thanks R/E- You always boost my pride level. If someday I come into a lot of money I will hire you as my personal confidence builder.

    Sev- HA HA! I'll give that a shot!

  5. damn... shoulda said crap-sheet...


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