Friday, November 6, 2009


Here's a weird plaque given to me by my friend. It's a made of fake wood about an inch thick. Neither of us could figure it out. He said it was in his mom's attic. It's very nicely done and all but- - WHY?! Who would make this? The strangest part to me is the fact that is has a hole in the back so it can be hung on the wall. I can't imagine an appropriate time or place where this would be good on someone's wall.

Also it's manufactured from a mold, so there are more than one of these things on the Earth. If anyone knows please inform me. Although it's done very skillfully in a classic style it's almost frightening as it is. Look at their cold dead faces, especially that main guy's. Since there are 3 of them, they look like they're from kind of secretive ancient underworld organization. It's like a scene out of a horror movie. What's most disturbing to me is knowing that baby's gonna be dead soon, since tugging on one arm and one leg probably isn't gonna fix his colic. Even face down it probably won't fix it.

Maybe it's just a single piece of a bigger set? Maybe there were a big series of pictures showing the treatment of colic through the ages? Now that would explain everything, and THAT would definitely look good on a wall!

For the record, Yes, it's been on my wall. It lasted about as long as it took for my wife to see it and shame me into removing it.


  1. um, yeah what the heck? that is really uncomfortable to look at. what is the purpose?
    at first i thought maybe it was a weird old comic or something.
    is it a "how to" on how to calm your baby down by rubbing its feet and hands? if you find out anything make sure to keep us informed...

  2. Keith: I am thinking as a wall hanging in a pediatrician’s office? or maybe a doctor's office. Hey, I'm spit-balling here, toss me a bone! -- Mykal

  3. Brad, a good way to calm a crying baby is to push on the soft spot on its head. It'll go right to sleep. (TEASING!)

    Mykal, I think you might be onto something. That's the most sensible answer I've heard yet.

  4. Everyone needs one of these. Imagine a card set with this image on the front. You could send them to new parents. They would forever be grateful.


  5. I think the only thing I don't like is the type...remove the words and leave the picture! Classic Amish woodcut of the baby-fondling after the barn-raising? eeew..

  6. Possibly the oddest thing i've seen in years.

    But yes, my thought was maybe an old doctors' office artifact?

    Is it aged, with lots of patina and nicks and stuff?

  7. Willy, yes it does have old patina and nicks but it's artificial oldness. it's some kind of resin casting.

  8. I think they're teaching him how to swim.


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