Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Alongside monkeys and Frankenstein, hillbillies are one of my favorite things (even though I don't draw them that often.) I like the easy-going world they live in. Li'l Abner, the Beverly Hillbillies and those Foxfire books are all I have to go on, but it seems like the hillbilly life would be the greatest thing ever.

You wouldn't need to do anything but sit on your porch on the front of your shack perched on the edge of a cliff, and shoot guns, play music and nap. Occasionally you'd bathe "whether you needed it or not" in a tin tub out in the front yard.

If you didn't like your neighbors, you'd shoot at them. It's just plain simple logic. Bullets never kill people when you're a hillbilly; they only burn your butt a little. No big deal! Every once in a while you might need to fight off a pack of wolves, or fight off Bigfoot or a bear, but the benefits far outweigh the bad stuff. You can steal pies out of window sills and eat till you're fat, and no one would care since nobody else is beautiful either. That is, except for the women. They all look like Daisy Mae and Ellie May.

If you know how to read and write you could probably become mayor. If you know how to count you could be the richest feller in the county. All the old women would have super strength, so you'd never actually have to do any backbreaking work yourself. You just sit and play your homemade banjo while your woman plowed the turnip patch.

The hillbilly above came from this doodle. I didn't like the other 2 guys that much so I didn't color them.


  1. Again with the twitching frogs' legs (just kidding).

  2. Mykal: Funny~ I never get the twitching frog-legs; I ALWAYS get the pretzel twisted Spidey~!

    KW: We can dream the Hillbilly dream thanx to you. Maybe in the next life we can go back in time, drink moonshine, and yank each others beard (or our Sisters whiskers).

  3. How funny... I'm currently reading a Doc Savage Bantam pb from the 70's which features a Hill-Billy theme (The Squeaking Goblin) and plenty of faux Kentucky dialect.
    Your drawings are a lot more fun than Lester Dent.

  4. really great design! i especially love his toes.

  5. Mykal, Frog legs would make sense! That's why it showed something else. who can figure that thing out?

    Lysdexicuss, Let's plan on retiring to the hills when we are old. Since you can spell you be the mayor, and then you hire me as co-mayor. Then we will start passing some laws!

    R/E, Thanks friend! That' hilarious, a hillbilly-themed Doc Savage story!

    Brad, thanks! He does take extra special care of his toes to get them that fancy.

  6. HI, I was searching the web for this exact drawing what Cartoon was this hillbilly drawing from?

  7. I just made him up. It's not from a real cartoon. Thanks for the visit!


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