Thursday, September 16, 2010


This is the 1st episode of Sinister Winston's Prank Time educational series. If it's successful and brings joy and happiness maybe there will be more in the future.
Do you know anyone with a Mercury Grand Marquis? You do? Oh good!
Take a look at the back of the car. There should be a "Grand Marquis" name plate on the left side. This prank works for models of any year. Here's an older logo name plate as an example.
All you need to do it make one quick whack with a chisel, right between the "a" and the "r."

Now pop off that last part. Nifty, huh? "Grand Ma" isn't exactly an insult word, but it's certainly not one of the cooler things you could have mounted on the back of your car. If you were a teenage guy trying to impress the ladies it could possibly wreck your plans. If you were trying to be cool in your Grand Marquis wearing your sunglasses, people might think they were for your glaucoma. If you were male then people would just think you were an extra ugly grandma.

The last step of this prank, and the most important: Skeedaddle! Once you've done your secret operation and you've sufficiently admired your work, get out of there! You don't wanna have to pay for THAT!

This prank works all newer models too:
Some name plate locations are sneakier, but that's no problem.
It still works just the same.
There, now wasn't that fun? And cheap too! You don't have to spend a lot of money to enjoy your life. Maybe some time in the future when Winston has time, he'll show you how to turn a Ford Focus into a Ford Feces.
(This is all for educational use only. Don't do what Winston does. That could be like a catch phrase, or one of those rubber bracelets with initials: DDWWD.)


  1. DDWWD fo sho !

    You could also whack off (in public ?)
    the ND from Grand and keep the R on
    Marquis and end up with: GRA MAR
    So when you drive through Urban
    areas People shout: "Bad Gra Mar !"

  2. Lysdexicuss says it best: "DWWWD" Which I take to mean: "Do what Winston would do!" Amen.
    I love the coloring of Winston too..kinda flesh-toney, but still reddish. The littel pics of him fluttering there with his hammer and chisel going WHACK crack me up.

    Forget Obama, nope to Palin or any other others....
    WINSTON IN 2012!

  3. thanks guys for the comments!


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