Thursday, September 2, 2010


Here's my newest Sinister Winston comic. It's a two-pager. Look for the guest cameo of Melba Snarch. You can see the older Sinister Winston comics by clicking HERE.

I wonder if this comic will make sense in the very near future when there are no more pay phones.


  1. Here I thought I had considered every flatulation gag possible... how did I miss this one???

    Excellent work, my friend!

  2. PPLBBB.... how can a comic strip ever fail with that kind of dialogue (not with me it can't) But in all honesty, I thought Winston was making a "raspberry" noise.... the ol' whoopie cushion retort is more of a blafftttt, no? Must be an Evansville patois thing :)

  3. Albie, Thanks sir! I work hard to think up new and innovative ways of fart trickery

    R/E, At first I wrote BRONK! and then changed it. It was difficult to choose and go with a single sound effect. There are so many to choose from!

    Brad, Thanks for that!

  4. Awesome! My only wish is that he would have actually farted into the phone rather than raspberried it, but that might have been over the line.

  5. There aren't a whole lot of lines I'm not willing to cross. Maybe eventually we will see him fart. It needs to be evil.

  6. The only thing funnier than a fart gag is an elaborate fart gag!!


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