Saturday, September 11, 2010

THE ZEPHYR (He who walks the winds) COMIC

Move over all you other heroes! A new hero is in town! As the cover promises, all 22 pages:


  1. KW: The last 18 pages are some
    of your best work~ nyuck nyuck~!

    Curse you for getting me so
    excited~! Once again, I feel
    like a Groom on his Wedding
    Night that only got Punked~!

  2. ps: the panel where he is making a 'Z'
    in flight made me laugh until tears
    were streaming down my cheeks~!

  3. damn i actually laughed for quite awhile at this one! i think having to scroll down for 5 minutes to get the end really adds to the drama.
    nice work as always :)

  4. Dang it! Keith!!! The word genius just doesn't cut it anymore when I'm talking about your stuff. I need a better word; okay: Zarabadenious!!!
    You had me going... I was in it for the long haul... I didn't see it coming... you sucker punched me with a belly laugh that busted my spleen.
    Your text/script was lulling me into imbecility... (the cunning of an antelope)... when the bullet explodes out the back of his head YOWZA. The right ankle bone protruding out of his ripped(dead) right ankle, the eye balls (and stalks) protruding. YOU'VE NEVER BEEN BETTER. I am bowing towards E-Ville as I type this.

  5. Keith: You dog. You had me going until, of course, the bullet blasted through the back of our hero's head! You dog (I say it again).

    You should do a comic, though, full-length. - I really love your artwork in this. combo brush and marker?

  6. Hilarious! I'd love to see a second issue with this character. :)

  7. Lysdexicus and Brad and R/E and Mykal and Sev,
    Thanks guys!

    I guess I could do a second comic, but it would be all blank, or maybe 22 pages of crooks running loose and doing what they want with no worries of the Zephyr coming to stop them.

    Mykal, that was all drawn with a Pitt brush pen I got at Michaels craft store. The letters and borders were done on the computer.


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