Saturday, September 4, 2010


I went to high school with Matt Hawes and he and I used to work on comic projects together. Now he owns a comic shop here in town, and he does a weekly public access tv show called The Happy Show. He sent me these drawings the other day. I have no memory of working on most of them. I do remember a couple, but some of them... if someone said I had anything to do with them I'd think they were mistaken. I have absolutely zero recollection.

Almost all were penciled by me and inked by Matt. The very last one was penciled by Matt and inked by me. I feel like his inks made my pencils look a lot better than they were supposed to look.

This is the only one I inked:


  1. Please tell me the Ultimate Freak isn't smoking a terd...

    These are way more realized than my doodley chicken-scratch ! Can't wait to see more ;~j

  2. These are great, I especially love the Fantastic Fab Four! haha

    Also: Got my package and THANKS so much for the extras--- I'll be framing these up for my wall and will send you a photo when accomplished. The cards are hysterical and my kid loves 'em too! Thanks again!

  3. Great stuff! great pencils and inks abound! Can't decide which I like better: Joe: Purse Snatcher (Eisner references galore! what beautiful inks from your pal) or The Ultimate Freak, which made me throw up a little bit.

    your inks are fantastic on that last one as well! Both of you gents got it all going on!

  4. OH MY GOD!! I just realized that isn't a tail on the Ultimate Freak!

  5. Great, simply great... any chance Matt has any more forgotten gems?
    Mykal beat me to the punch in commenting on the cool Eisner vibe of Joe Purse Snatcher; he also makes me think of Don Simpson's work (Megaton Man). I really dig the FANTASTIC FAB FOUR too!
    And then the last one, really has a neat Jim Starlin feel to it.

  6. Thanks everybody, and I thank you on Matt's behalf as well. I did love Will Eisner and Don Simpson back then.

    Karswell, glad to hear you got the stuff!

  7. Fab ink job on the last illo sir!

    And I love the gag in the parrot panel!!

    I know what you mean about not remembering stuff..I have photos of me wearing clothes I simply do not remember ever owning!

  8. Loved your drawings. Keep up the good work !


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