Friday, February 11, 2011


My one regret on the above doodle is not making the sasquatch look insane enough. He should have had violently insane and unfocused eyes, and a big open mouth with sharp teeth and drool. I guess that's why I doodled it first, so I could figure out what I really wanted.

Here's a worm's eye view of Lucy. It was taken with my old Minolta camera. The colors are warm and saturated. I can't find Minolta cameras in the stores anymore. I've owned two and loved both of them. Now I own a Kodak and every picture I take is dreary or too bright and washed out. It has about 100 settings to fiddle around with, and I don't understand any of them. The Minolta only had one setting, but every picture always turned out great every time.

My Minolta camera still works but the pictures are only 4 mega pixels, whereas the Kodak is 10. Choosing the right camera to use is a tough decision for me.



    Why couldn't we invent an
    ADAPTOR for old 35mm cameras
    that converted them into digital ?
    Like, a flash-drive in the shape
    of a roll of film with a screen
    attachment that perceived the light,
    that would lay across the shutter area ?

  2. Wow, that IS genius. Would the reader need to be as thin as a strip of film to slide under where the film feeds through?

  3. Everyone loves a good doodle now and then.

  4. I agree with your self-assessment of your Sasquatch sketch. He does look a tad too tame (sort of an Ed Asner vibe)... BUT
    I love LUCY... just want to scratch her little head and go "oooo....who's the goood puppie!!!"

  5. love the gag and the doodle, i think it is worth finishing up :)

    lucy, in the grass, oh how i long to see some nice green grass again...

  6. Jeff, R/E, Frank and Brad,
    Thanks guys for the visit!


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