Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I lied. I said the last guitar post was the final post for this guitar project. There was one more small step. I added an "S" logo to the headstock. I went ahead and used the aluminum "S" from the last post. Originally I didn't think it looked right but after letting it settle a few days I grew to accept it.

To get it to stick I had to remove the lacquer in that spot on the headstock. Also I made that area rough and scratchy so it would have teeth for the epoxy to grab.

The front side of the S is very shiny. I am learning it's practically impossible (for me) to take a picture of a shiny object and have it look shiny in the photo. It almost needs to be a motion picture for the glimmer to show in it.

Then the back side was made scratchy and rough with coarse sand paper so epoxy can squeeze into all the crevasses and hold.

When applying the epoxy I only used a small amount so I wouldn't have any squeeze-out. I didn't want to hold by hand until it cured, so I used erasers and whatever else was in the vicinity to keep it compressed.
That's it and I'm not lying this time. I will not cut on this guitar again. Done and done! I really like playing this guitar. It's very small and easy to handle. The action is good too. It has a rich meaty tone when it goes into a speaker. I have one more pickup like the one I used on this guitar. Both pickups were salvaged from an old demolished guitar from either the 60s or 70s. Hopefully someday this guitar will have a brother.


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