Friday, February 25, 2011


The idea for this came to me one day when I bought some cheaper unofficial Q-Tip ripoff brand. When I used it the cotton ball came off deep inside my ear. It was a long miserable task involving tweezers and toothpicks and bent paper clips to remove it. After that experience I've always splurged and bought the real deal.

When you read the warnings on a box of Q-Tips it says DO NOT PUT IN EAR. If you don't use them in your ear what are they for? I guess they just don't want to be sued if someone pokes out an ear drum.

Speaking of warnings, this comic is for educational purposes only. Don't really do it or the victim will sue you.


  1. always love me some sinister winston! this prank was not as bad as i imagined it was gonna be. i thought you might have thrown in a toothpick too.

  2. Actually, the Q-tip warning involves poking the Q-tip into the ear canal; which means the inner ear. You may use it to clean the whorls and crevices of the outer ear. Uses also include the gentle removal or application of ointments and creams (or makeup); the cleaning of dust and dirt from hard to reach places (like keyboards); or perhaps baby care when cleaning sensitive areas of an infant's face. Oh my, they are so useful! I trust this has clarified the issue.

    Never, ever disparage Q-Tips again! (whew)

    Where's Lucy!!!

  3. I concur on not buying cheap cotton swabs. Many years ago I bought some generic ones and while cleaning my ear the cotton tip popped off in my ear hole. My every effort to extract it only pushed it deeper inside my ear. I finally had to get my dad to help, and he said it was so deeply lodged that he couldn't even see it!

    Meanwhile having a wad of cotton jammed far into my ear was literally driving me insane. I couldn't stand it, couldn't stay still, and was absolutely freaking out.

    My dad finally jammed some tweezers or needle nose pliers in my ear and was able to get it out. Forget waterboarding, jamming cotton balls deep into a person's ears is more than acceptable torture.

    After that incident I've always bought the most expensive brands of Q-Tips. There are some things you just shouldn't skimp on.

  4. Thanks guys, for the visits and comments!

  5. Evil is always best served with funny!!!

    I NEVER skimp on Q-tips!

    They also make great little tools for cleaning the hard to get areas when I'm cleaning and dusting my guitars.

    However, I do NOT recommend cleaning your ears with them AFTER guitar cleaning! goes the MAD pitches?


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