Wednesday, February 9, 2011


One piece at a time I'm re-accumulating the contents of my childhood toy box. Johnny West, Evel Knievel, and The Six Million Dollar Man were my favorites. Recently my friend gave me a Johnny West figure with most of the little gizmos came with. It's tough to get them all since they're 40 years old, and tiny, and kids would tend to break or lose them.

My cousin and his wife found Johnny West's horse and gave it to me a couple weeks ago. He's in pretty good shape for as much as he's probably been played with. I think his name is Thunderbolt but I'm not positive. There were a few different horses. I realize I could find out by googling it, but I'm old and lazy.

The silhouette of Johnny on his horse is pretty realistic. Woah, horse.

Horse, I thought I said "Woah."

BANG! I know what I'll do now. I'll beat you with a stick.

What's this?.. Wheels?.. He was a ...a robot?
I need to locate the saddle now. He came with some other horse-type items too. I figured the prices would be outrageous on Johnny West merchandise on eBay but they're surprisingly cheap. I have my eye on the wagon, but I suspect it'll be a long time before I win one of those for a price I'm happy about.


  1. DUDE!!

    I totally had Johnny West, his horse... also Geronimo [same company I recall] and HIS horse... a pinto...

    Haven't thought of those dudes in years... but this REALLY took me back!

    Thanks for the memories, KW!

  2. Albie,
    Thanks for the visit and glad you liked it!

  3. Ummmmmmmm...your old Unca Jeffy just may have ALL of Johnny's accessories. Your post has inspired me to pull them out this weekend.

    Depending on how attached I feel toward them, maybe I could help a brutha out, since (damnit) you are accually playing with yours.

    Woody tells us in Toy Story 2, that a toy isn't happy unless it's out of the box.

  4. Jeff,
    So my job is to convince you how horrible Johnny West toys are so you won't feel so attached to them! He he!

  5. I remember hours and hours of fun with these...and not just for the summer or Christmas or whatever it was when I got them, but for YEARS. I'm heading for my toy trunks soon!

  6. Hey Jeff, Is this the actual toy you had as a kid? I feel bad to take it if you've saved it this long. Is it a double or an extra?


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