Thursday, October 21, 2010


This is another Get-Well gift from my good friend Mike. He said he's been trying to build a complete Johnny West figure from auctions on Ebay, and in the process he had enough extra pieces to build a second one for me. It's missing 1 of the 3 bags of gold, but other than that it's a complete set, and in mighty fine condition.
He came with a rifle, a derringer (I think it's a derringer), a knife, a canteen, a chest with a lid that opens, 3 bags of gold to put in it (I'm missing one), a skillet and coffee pot, a coffee mug, 2 branding irons, spurs, chaps, a gun belt and a pistol, a vest, handkerchief and a hat.

Mike made this box for me to keep all the pieces inside.

I had a Johnny West as a kid and it was one of my favorite toys. I think The boot spurs are pretty cool.

Check out that cold stony stare.

The first thing I noticed when I picked him up was how heavy he was. They really made some solid stuff back then.

With all the tiny little accessory pieces it provided a kid with tons of fun.

Check out Johnny on his bold steed. In Lucy's old age she's given up on her resistance to humiliation.

After the evil Sam Cobra shoots at Johnny and he tumbles to the ground, his loyal horse Lucille never leaves his side. She licks his face to revive him and it works. Fortunately the bullet only grazed him. Johnny will ride again.


  1. At last~! The Return of Lucy~! I hope she & Johnny don't go riding off into the sunset together~!

    I wonder if this was made by the same company who did Lone Ranger & Tonto dolls in the early 70's. This other Kid let me play with them and I remember how solid-heavy they were...

    Poor GI Joe never had a chance in our household... 13 went out... NONE came back~!

  2. Lucy the Weiner Dog! God, I missed her.

  3. Looks like Lucy's past due for her manicure!

    My sister had Johnny and Jane West and their horses. One day she took them out to the field behind out house, set them up on their horses and took photos of them. They looked pretty convincing, like real people riding horses!

    In fact, when I was in college I put one of the photos of Johnny riding his horse in the field up on my bulletin board in the design studio. More than one person came by, saw the photo and said, "Wow, you own a horse?"

  4. thats awesome! what a great idea to fake being sick so you get all this cool stuff! ;)

  5. Lysdexicuss, I remember having a Lone Ranger too. Johnny West was made by Marx, and I think you are right, they did the Lone Ranger as well.

    Mykal, I'll try to put Lucy in more often.

    Bob, those horses look really real. I had one and I remember thinking it was almost too realistic for me to be playing with, like I didn't deserve all that realism since I was just a kid.

    Brad, HA! I guess this plan of mine turned out to be successful!

  6. This guy is new to me...but boy they knew how to make toys at one time did they not?

    Sorry to hear you are not well..take care, and be well soon K.W.

  7. Thanks Willy! Yes they made good toys back in the good ol' days. This guy was made by Marx around 40 years ago.

    I don't think toy makers spend as much time on toys anymore now that they've learned kids would rather play video games.

  8. How right you heartbreaking... I'm not a game player at all, but I have many toys...too many probably!!

  9. count me in also as a fan of LUCY the WONDER HOUND! Not only can she serve as Johnny's faithful steed, but in the one pic where she's looking down upon the sprawled Johnny, I'm getting the hint that Lucy could also play the part of the GIANT GILA MONSTER :)

  10. Ha ha! a giant dachshund would be scary if you were afraid of something that slept all day, and woke up only to eat and poo, and maybe lick you a little bit


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