Sunday, October 24, 2010


Here's a poster for an imaginary movie. It's based on a nightmare I had so I actually have a germ of a plot for this movie too. I wrote out what happened in the nightmare, so if I fill it out a bit I'll have a script to go along with this poster.

Originally I just drew one ghost face, like this.

Then I copied it to make a set of 3, and mirrored it for a reflection. A long time ago I jotted down in a note book how BLOOD spells BrOOD upside down in a mirror, if you use a lower case "r." That seemed like it went well with this idea, so I stuck that in there.

I liked the black and white version above, but I was curious to see how it looked in a bloodier color.

It was difficult for me to decide whether I liked the B&W or bloody version best, so I elected to use a mixture of both colors. I used red for the water they are rising from. That satisfied me because it explained why the word was being reflected. Then I added all the silly text and it was done. This is a clean version of the 1st picture, without all the chips and folds and browning on the edges.

Sometimes I wonder if the fake aging process is a bad thing to do. It's popular nowadays to make things look like they're 50 years old with all the fake computer trickery. I wonder if that's gonna be odd in another 100 years.

People will see a bunch of fake antique images people created from this decade, and they'll look old, but they'll really be old, but they'll look older than they are. Will that be confusing? At that point it'll already look old naturally, but no one will trust it. I wonder if they're create a new word for this phenomena, like "genuine pre-antique" or something like that.


  1. For this particular project the faux creases & aging works well. It REALLY REALLY REALLY looks like a schlocky horror flick from the early 70's~! Ingenious mirror-imagery usage here~! Know any good (bad) screenwriters who would write such a travesty ? There are a few very famous movies that were actually reverse-engineered from a Poster-Concept that came 1st~ like~ a visual pitch of sorts. I think~ once again~ that you are really on to something~!

  2. Brilliant. A perfect facsimile of a 70's horror movie poster. Man, is this swell.

  3. Freakin' awesome, dude!

    I like the aging, but it's your sense of design I love.


  4. made every right choice here...well done!

  5. Thanks guys for the comments! Lysdexicuss, I saw a documentary about AIP movies, and that's what they did. They thought up a title and did posters before writing a script. Their thinking was: you just had to get the customers in the theater, once they were in there you didn't care what they thought. Consequently AIP does have the best movie titles in the world.

  6. Brad thanks! that makes me happy

  7. Oh man that's perfect. Let's make a mini-opera!

  8. Oh man, what all the guys said Keith! Me too!!! AIP yes, but also just such a great rock n roll, surf, voodoo/exotica/tiki vibe as well. Thanks for taking us through your creative thought process and color decisions also.

  9. Frank, Kick out the jams, man! Let's email talk this thing out.

    Thanks buddy!

  10. Very well done. When you're doing a retro poster, a hand lettered title like yours is always the way to go. They didn't have a million fonts back then like we do now, so they had to draw 'em by hand. You get titles with much more personality that way (compare to the billion dollar "Avatar" movie, which inexplicably used the off the shelf "Papyrus" font for the title!).

    Nice work on the aging too.

  11. Thanks Bob
    I think if I tried to use a real font I'd have spent a long time looking for something that worked right with the L/r mirroring. Doing it by hand just took a few minutes.


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