Saturday, October 23, 2010


Welcome to episode number 2 of Sinister Winston's Prank Time. This one is called "Kitchen Shower." (You can see the previous episode HERE.)

Today's prank requires a kitchen sink, which most people have.

More importantly, the sink needs a sprayer hose, like this one. Giggle!

The only other ingredient for this prank is a rubber band. Heh heh!

What you need to do is stretch that rubber band around the trigger of the sprayer so it's always squeezed in the ON position. Tee hee!

Now you need to aim the sprayer so it's pointed at whoever would turn on the water faucet. Then skeedaddle! Snicker!

And Voila! Some sucker will eventually walk up to the sink and turn it on, and WHOOSHKAPLASH!!! BA-HAA!!!

This prank is for educational purposes only. Clearly it is related to the field of studiousness and academia, and is designed solely for the purpose of stimulating mental growth. It is our intention here at KWM Inc. to inspire and improve the quality of life, and by no means do we imply you actually attempt these pranks. If you do it and someone becomes startled and slips in the water and their skull bursts open and brains go flying under the kitchen table, don't blame us.


  1. I would like to add~ on behalf of Sinister Winston of course~ that to really make this trick work in devilish fashion~ one needs to open the cabinet below the actual sink and tie a tourniquet around the hose below the sink/counter~ enough to pinch it and increase water-pressure without cutting off the flow. And BE SURE the spray nozzle is pointed @ the Person using the faucet ~!

  2. This is good advice. I was unaware you could pinch hoses to make more pressure. You learn something every day. I need you on my evil team.

  3. Hopefully no one in turning on the radio or using the toaster at the same time!!!


  4. Ew... that wouldn't be pretty. But don't worry, at the end of this post I told everyone to not do it. We're safe

  5. hahaha i love the disclaimer!! my sprayer gets stuck every once in awhile, so i this has happened at my house inadvertently.

  6. Thanks Brad! Mine was sticking too. They told me to soak it in vinegar. It helped a little but not as good as new.

  7. and you warned me too, ..... sigh
    my wife hasn't talked to me now for almost a day


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