Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Here are some doodles from today. I haven't been very productive in the last few weeks, so I wasted some paper and ink this morning. Now I feel like this day wasn't a complete wash. That being said, here's a picture of a girl with pig butts sewn to the sides of her head.

Maybe she could be an entry in a second series of Pukey Pals cards?


  1. A winning trio Keith! I think I like Zob the best (great name, like "Bob" name for monsters) because of the pointy ears (Blood Count mojo) and Sinister Winston trouble-making vibe. Then again Borp is cool too (everybody loves a hairy beastie). Don't like girl characters. Didn't collect Cindy Bear when Wendy's was giving out Hanna Barbera toys back in the day. Didn't like Webby on Duck Tails.

  2. Now~ THAT is pure evil genius~! Do I smell a screenplay (or iz that bacon) emanating from this high-concept~! Just imagine how her Classmates will tease her (Poor Li'l Polly Pigtails). Perhaps that's why she has two BODYGUARDS~ Borp & Zob~ to scare the crap outta would-be Bullies~!

  3. these are awesome! BORP is my favorite!

  4. It's about time you got back to posting, you slacker!

    Polly Pigtails may be my favorite character ever.

    And to think I got to witness these in progress!

  5. Thanks everybody. i was kind of thinking these were throwaway characters since i wasn't feeling real good when i did them, but you guys make me think there is hope for them.


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