Saturday, October 2, 2010


Here are some UFO sounds I created in Audacity. Audacity is a fun program to play around with. It's free too! You can do just about anything you want, sound-wise. It's a virtual multi-track recording studio. It's probably fancier than what the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix had to work with back in their day.

There are a bunch of effects like reverse, tremolo, reverb, fade in/out, phaser, wahwah, pitch change, speed and time change, etc...

For these UFO sounds I started with a plain boring tone and just kept adding effects to it until it turned into something. Now I can use these sounds with this UFO and make a little video (if I ever get around to it.)


  1. I loves me some Audacity ! I haven
    't used it for complex stuff yet, but have done some basic sound mixing whenever I make a WMV.

    That movie 'The Fourth Kind' debuted on Cinemax last night & once again anything well done with Aliens & UFOs is always creepier than some Slasher flick.

  2. I saw a movie called "Aliens from Another Planet."


  3. UFO sound #2, if sped up a hair & without odd pauses, would sound just like dem bitches dat beamed my ass up !

  4. you remember? we should recreate your sound.

  5. wow the ufo comes closer, then goes far away, but then comes closer, then far away! hahah!

    i am going to ask my buddy if he uses audacity(great name) or what we are using to record. i would imagine the file types audacity accepts would be pretty standard and vice versa so we could swap files...?

  6. Willy, thanks! I can post some more sounds if you like this stuff

    Brad thanks! If they aren't swappable as multi-track files, we can export them as MP3s or WAVs and those open in both versions.


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