Saturday, June 6, 2009


This is some bootleg DVD box art for an out-of-print movie called GORILLA made in 1956, and directed by Sven Nykvist. My friend Allen sells it if you want to buy it. (Ask me for his phone number) BUT!! Before you buy it - read... shudder

Here's the plot (found off the internet) :
In this adventure, set deep within the Belgian Congo, a local witch doctor decides the only way to stop a rampaging gorilla from terrorizing his people is to sacrifice a new-born baby. Meanwhile a local game warden and a journalist researching a story on the natives team up to stop the crazed simian. As they endeavor, the two fall in love. They succeed in stopping the beast and then as they part, vow that they will meet again someday.
The most memorable part of this movie is they actually murder this gorilla! They shoot the thing and you see it drop, and it ain't no special effect! The thing is dead! Then they go over and poke at it to make sure. It must have been before the humane society got involved in movie-making. When they are standing over it and lifting its arm and letting it drop back down it's pretty disturbing, almost as disturbing as if it were a dead human lying there.

Hey, as a side thought, I remember in high school they said you say "lay down" for inanimate objects, and "lie down" for people. Do you then say "lay down" for dead people?


  1. What a wonderful illustration. Very beautiful. Sounds like a prime example of cover art far exceeding contents! -- Mykal

  2. Ha Ha!Thanks for visiting me!

  3. talk about shooting at point blank range! haha! i love your gorilla's! i can't belive they actually shot a real gorilla, that makes me sick to my stomach.

  4. Thanks for the compliment!

    Maybe that gorilla had rabies or something and they had to put it down anyway, so they figured they might as well get it on film. that's what i like to think.

  5. Ferocious crazy looking gorilla. Ahh, and sorta love story. As for the dead, I say it's "lay down". I think of "lie down" as a command to do so. Thanks for your awesome comments!

  6. i guess that sounds reasonable to me! thanks for your comments too!


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