Monday, June 8, 2009


This is a wooden lock made from poplar. It's most effective on a different planet where there are no saws or sharp pocket knives. I remember having a toy plastic lock from a cereal box when I was little. It had 3 dials, but it was very easy to open. You could turn the bottom dial until the lock opened 1/3 of the way; then you could turn the middle dial until it opened 2/3 of the the way; and then you could turn the last dial until the lock opened all the way. I didn't trust it with my valuables!

I made sure this lock wouldn't open until all the dials simultaneously were in their correct positions. I put 4 little pins inside instead of 1, so even if 1 pin was aligned with a slot, it wouldn't move if the other 3 pins weren't aligned with their slots. In order for the dials to rest on top of each other, and not occupy the same space as the pins I hollowed out the dials so they were like little upside down cups.


  1. not only is this really cool, but i also just realized i missed my favorite show!!

  2. that is awesome. i'd like to visit the planet it is intended for...sounds toddler-ready too. ;)

  3. Nice! It's a great design ... you can extend it to as many digits you want.

    Made me think of another design based on it. The slot in the center of each wheel could move. Like a pacman shape lodged a circle frame. So when you opened it, you could change the combination -- forcing the wheels to move when the pin is engaged. I suppose if someone's prying around on it, or trying to force a pin up to detect the slot, they would keep changing the combination as they are fishing for it. :)

  4. Brad - Ha ha! well, you can always rent it

    m&m mom - thanks! ha ha!

    Sev - wow, that's pretty smart!


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