Sunday, June 14, 2009


I got a job drawing a map for Mt. Sinai, an old cemetery here in Evansville, Indiana. Much to my delight, this was one of the tombstones. I always figured Frankenstein was a German name, but this is a Jewish cemetery.

Here's a cemetery on the way to a nearby themepark, Holiday World. It's where they buried Santa Claus and his family. There are a lot of graves so I guess all the elves and reindeer are probably in there too. Sometimes late at night one of the graves glows red. That's probably Rudolph's ghost. When you think about it Santa was pretty old, so it's not all that surprising. I guess he got to do what he enjoyed while he was alive.


  1. HAHA! i knew santa was dead, my christmas presents have really been pretty weak these last few years!

  2. You said you thought Frankenstein was a German name, not a Jewish one. It does have a "stein" in it; that's a pretty common Jewish suffix.

    I'm more interested in what happened to this family. A quick check on shows there are currently no Frankensteins in the Eville area. Did the family line die out with Lester and Bertha? Or was there something more sinister involved, involving torches and pitchforks?

  3. HA! or maybe they still exist, under a pseudo name to avoid being driven into the hills.

  4. Frankenstein is a german name some jews escaped from germany in WWII to america

  5. Thanks anonymous! I wondered if that was the case.

  6. I live in the nieghborhood were that frankenstein grave is! I live on adobe street! There is also a rumor ( from adults that have grandparents.) That in the woods behind the cemetary wall were you were standing there is a tunnel entrance ( its boarded up/ buried in from years of people tresspassing) why you might ask well there is a tunnel that goes under the cemetery,under the road, under the cemetery across the street ( the mt. Sinai cemetary is a complex) And into the woods behind the colonial court apartments! I'm going to try to find the entrance soon! But anyways the tunnel was a tunnel to transport runaway slaves to freedom! Oh and there's a ghost wearing a suit and a hat that walks from the bigger gravesite to the smaller one.(aka across the street. ) in my neighborhood there is this awesome mask maker (eville js creepy closet) like them to facebook! By the way I'm only 13! I'm a very inquisitive teen!

  7. Hey, that's cool! You let me know if you find a tunnel entrance.

    1. its me the inquisitive teen sorry for the wait! the cave starts on 1705 harmony way a building with 2 garage doors. there should be an entrance in the building! the other entrance is on roughly 3519 Koehler ave?(right at the end of the metal fence there is a house) inbetween that house and its lake there is a spot in the lawn where snow melts (when it does snow which it hasent this year)do not go splunking in those caves because the houses on cave ave.(named after the cave) and part of harmony way dump sewage in there! the city of evansville has been talking about connecting those houses to city sewer lines. btw contact me at


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