Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Here's a DVD cover cover illustration I did for an old 1930 movie called "The Sea Bat." Boris Karloff has a very small role in it. The Sea Bat looks pretty realistic for a movie from the 30s; so much so, I wonder if they found some giant dead sea bat and drug it around on a wire.

My friend Allen sells this movie. Ask me for his phone number if you want it.


  1. hahahah! SEAT BELT, er i mean SEA BAT! too funny! ouch a stinger to the chest, that can't feel good. love the old guy at the bottom - i can almost hear him screaming quietly - "help me mommy!"

  2. Thanks buddy! That stinger-to-the-chest incident doesn't really happen in the movie. I wish it did. We should make our own sea bat movie, and we would surely have a "help me mommy!" scene!


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