Monday, June 1, 2009


Here are some photos of translated signs I took on my trip to China. Also English words are considered to be cool in the same way we think getting Chinese characters tattooed on our skin is cool. Sometimes my wife will tell me someone's tattoo doesn't mean exactly what that person probably was hoping it meant.

I thought this was a way cooler name than the other version.

This is the new sequel to Disney's Flubber movie.

First they hook me with the tempting picture on the package, and then they reel me in for the kill with that delicious description.

On a hot and balmy day when your mouth is parched, nothing quite satisfies like the crisp cool taste of Sweat! And nothing beats the delicious smoothness of Pocari brand sweat!

YUCK! Don't order any of THAT!

100% Disney-approved!

Or "E"s.

Psychedelic exit


  1. I think "Slippery Floob" is my favorite. I guess "R" and "B" look somewhat alike and someone got confused.

    Unlike Spanish, Mandarin Chinese has absolutely nothing in common with English, so I admire their courage in going for it and trying to make a sign. I don't think I'd attempt to make a Chinese sign.

  2. HA these are great! "yum, after mowing the lawn i love to chug down a nice big warm jug of sweat!!"

  3. nothing quite quenches your thrist after a big dish of squid guts like a nice mug of sweat.


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