Sunday, September 13, 2009


I saw this in a jewelry store in Hong Kong. Has there ever been anything more worthy of being cast in 24K gold? We've only got just so much gold on the Earth and then it'll all be used up. Stop wasting it on boring old wedding rings! Use it for worthy unusual stuff like this! Just look at it. It is a stunningly beautiful large mama pig with several suckling pigs dangling off her by means of solid gold chain links. What woman would not want this around her neck at some highfalutin dinner party? I wanted to get it for Mei but it was several thousands of dollars. She'd have to sleep in it to get our money's worth.

Sadly I didn't get it. I do have this photo of it though. When I think about it, all I'd ever do with the real one is look at it. I can look at a photo of it just the same.


  1. did you see any women wearing these? would mei wear it if you got it for her? just wondering. it is funny they are nursing.

  2. Mei said she absolutely would NOT wear it. I never saw anybody with one on their neck.

  3. funny, i usually always check out the blogs of folks who commenton mine, now i realize i'd never dropped by here. i never knew'd you were such a good drawerer, i'm impressed!

  4. Thanks Professor, for the kind words!
    I hope you come back again.
    Yer always welcome


  5. Wow, those necklaces are so subtle and understated! Not to mention tasteful!

    I can only hope they're hollow, because if they're solid whoever wears one is going to fall face down from the weight.

    I tried to read the price tag, but it's just a little too blurry. Any idea how much they cost?

  6. Bob,
    HAHA! I can't remember the exact price, but it was in the thousands, and I think maybe in the tens of thousands.

    I was trying to think of a single occasion where this necklace would be inappropriate and I couldn't. Down to going to the dentist or picking your kid up from the bus stop, it's perfect!

  7. The Chinese bride will wear this during the traditional wedding ceremony to symbolise motherhood. Usually it is an one-off thing and will not wera it again.

  8. there is a reason for this pendant.
    At a wedding , the Mother-in-law will present this to her new daughter-in-law to signify many grandchildren from her.
    The little piglets will be presented to each child born of the bride.

  9. That's interesting to know the full story. Thanks! What happens if more kids than piglets are born? The later kids won't get a piglet.


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