Friday, September 4, 2009


Would you buy pizza from this man?


  1. I wouldn't think NOT of buying a pizza from this guy!

    This looks like a vintage Mad magazine illo. Very nice!

  2. i love pizza mascots they are so fun, this one is really great keith!!

  3. Thanks! You are right. I'd buy a book of Pizza mascots if they sold one.

  4. Keith, I don't think they have a whole book on Pizza Place Mascots but I got this book a couple months ago and it is fantastic! I think you and Bob would both love it. It has a history of tons of retro advertising mascots.
    My favorite is frito bandito..
    check it out on amazon it is called:
    Ad Boy: Vintage Advertising with Character

  5. Thanks Brad,

    I've seen that book on the racks. I flip through it every time I go to the store. I need to go ahead and buy it. Frito Bandito was cool. I used to have a t-shirt with him on it.

  6. yeah it is a nice reference book to have and i think it is only like 10 or 11 bucks.

    oh man i would love a frito bandito t shirt!

  7. I remember he was riding on a horse on my shirt. Here's a new Frito Bandito shirt. It's pretty cool too.


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