Thursday, September 3, 2009


This was drawn when I was about 17 years old. It represents the child of the characters in the last 2 posts.

Way before DVDs or even VHS tapes were used in classrooms, we had films and film strips. Films were fun, but film strips were never any good. I remember every once in a while our art teacher would make us watch art film strips. He assigned one kid to turn on the tape cassette player, and another kid to turn the knob on the film strip projector each time the tape would go BEEP!

A lot of the film strips we had to watch were about modern art. The narrator would talk about the history and beauty of the particular image we were looking at, and usually it was an indiscernible blob or paint splatter. The narrator would go into endless detail about the subtle lines and brilliant tones of each piece.

One of the girls in the class could mock the sound of the BEEP tone on the tape cassette. She would use her high-pitched vocal chords to go "BEEP" and then projector kid, thinking it was authentic, would obediently advance to the next frame. It was very humorous to us at the time.

She did it about 3 times so the pictures got pretty mixed up. The weirdest part about it was any picture on the screen worked as well as any other when you heard the descriptions. It didn't matter what we were looking at when a brown scratchy smear was supposed to represent the civil war. If the brown smear was blue or red it still made just as much sense to us.

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