Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This was another drawing from high school art class days. She is the lovely wife of the guy in the last post. Tomorrow I will reveal the drawing I did of their child.

These drawings bring back a lot of art class fire memories. One day I was trying to light the torch to melt some silver so I could cast jewelry.

This torch had one gas hose and one air hose. I never could remember which one I was supposed to turn on 1st, but I knew the order was really important. I figured I'd try one way and if that didn't work I'd do it the other way. Looking back on it all, it seems extremely risky to hand a torch over to an unsupervised kid. I didn't even have any safety goggles.

There were 2 or 3 torch work stations lined up against the windows. The windows were covered by large 3'x4' industrial plastic-coated canvas curtains. I remember turning on the gas and grabing one of those spark-maker things. I tried and tried to get a spark to come out of that thing but it was old and worn out. Meanwhile the gas was freely flowing out of the torch nozzle. I found another sparker tool and squeezed it, and CHA-WHOOOOMBA!!!

I created a blue fireball which hung in the air for a very long time. It seems like it should have just flashed and been over within a moment, but it hung around. It floated up slowly about the speed of a helium balloon. At this point I decided it would be wise to shut off the gas.

I remember the fire ball flattened out into a vertical sheet of blue flame and clung to the curtain like static. The blue flame wasn't burning into the curtain; it was clinging to every inch of it, so there was a large curtain of blue fire on the wall of the classroom. I along with several other kids in the classroom sat and stared at it. It was such a strange and hypnotizing sight to see. No one talked or did anything, we just calmly watched it.

Then starting at the bottom the fire fizzled out, and then the fizzle-out slowly traveled up the curtain like a wick burning out, and finally last upper strip of flame made a FOOMP-sound and it was all gone.

There was a sort of smoky char on the curtain but it wasn't too bad. I don't think my teacher ever knew about it.


  1. LMAO! nice story. You have convinced me that you are a pryo.

  2. I think I was a pyro and a pryo too

  3. I like those drawings. :)

    You could make UFO's at night with those flaming gas orbs.

  4. ha ha! but as a kid, if things went bad, i would just get my allowance taken away. as an adult things could go worse for me. maybe we could have mimi and moe standing nearby and blame them when the cops come.


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