Saturday, September 19, 2009



Here's another time-waster, slap-in-the-face movie prank designed to punish the viewer and use up 1 1/2 hours of his/her life.

In this movie, The screen will be black at first, then the white-letter credits will start, along with droning spooky music. The credits should have the works: producer, director, writer, production designer, casting director, director of photography,costuming, special effects, voice coach, etc....

Then this title card will slam onto the screen with a standard horror movie musical sting:

As the title card fades out, it fades back into a stationary shot of a boring, plain old door.

A creature just kind of strolls up and says , "See ya" and walks through the door and shuts it behind him.

Then the actual prank begins. A long and miserable 1 1/2 hours pass while the camera doesn't budge from the door and nothing ever happens. I guess there WOULD be one thing happening: the drone of a slow, unnerving and moody musical score.
Then at the end of the movie, after 1 1/2 horrible hours have passed, the door opens and the creature comes back in and says, "I'm back."

Then the picture fades to black and this pops up.

Then the credits roll.

Again, as with the prank idea in the last post, the goal would be to see if someone was willing to sit through the entire movie waiting for something to happen. I suspect at the 3 minute mark most people would grab their remotes and either skip to the end, or fling them at the tv screen in disgust.

I have a friend who sells old out-of-print movies at flea markets. He says even though people have never heard of a movie they will buy it based on the box cover. If this had a worthy dvd box cover I guess it would sell as well as anything else.


  1. to keep people interested, you could have a shadow move at the bottom of the door or have the shadow just stand there and maybe jiggle the knob a few times. film this once over 5 minutes, slow it down, and loop it for the 90 minutes.

  2. so, which level of Hell is reserved for mischevious movie-making pranksters?...

  3. He he! Moving shadows. Evil!

  4. I love the way you think!

    Keep it up!

  5. My friend, David W. Johnson, once filmed a glass of water for the entire half hour for his public access show. David didn't think of it as a parnk, though. He just did it as some kind of statement. David is an interesting individual. LOL.

  6. I guess if you watch a show for 30 minutes and don't get anything out of it, you might as well sit and watch a glass of water. Did the water do anything? Was there ever a bubble? It's funny how when nothing else is happening, something as insignificant as a bubble becomes of major importance.

  7. I'm still laughing! This is exactly my kind of humor!

  8. Thanks R/E! If you enjoy evil pranks then you and I are gonna get along just fine!


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