Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"GUY GIRL GOON" signed prints available

Remember this painting? Well, now it's possible for you to...
FEEL! This guy's anger!
HEAR! This girl's shrieks!
SMELL! This goon!

It was my 1st post. That post also came with instructions for doing your very own painting just like this one, but if you are lazy like me and don't have the time, I do have prints available for sale. The print is on slick and snazzy card stock suitable for framing, and it's exactly the same size as the original, 11x14 inches, so you can get all up in its face and see its disgusting detail!
The price is $34 and the shipping is free in the USA.

Each print is signed by me (unless you don't want that mucking it all up. I understand. It's already revolting enough as it is.)

There's a link over on the right with a PayPal button.
(I know I post a few fake products every once in a while, but I wanted to make it clear this is not a joke. It's really real. If you doubt it just click on that button over there and see if something doesn't get delivered to your home. The reason I say this is because I've been asked in the past if those Pukey Pals trading cards were fake. They are the opposite of fake; they are really, really real.)


  1. If this beauty was actually "singed", like around the edges, it might add an air of patina that would be effect methinks...oh...do you mean signed?

    I'm such a smart ass sometimes, but seriously I'm gonna buy one of these for sure, and hang it proudly on my Wall of Glory!!

  2. Willy

    HAHA! As I age I notice my spelling is getting awfuller and awfuller. I fixed it to say SIGNED now. thanks!

    Also, thanks for the purchase!


  3. Hi KW

    No probs..glad to do it...the purchase I mean..not the spelling dig!

    I won't see your illo until I'm back in Toronto in April! I was afraid of it getting damaged on the way back home to Ontario...so it will be a happy surprise upon my return..and then up on the Wall of Glory it goes!! I'll send you a pic.

    Btw...as much as i would love your autograph, i would like the illo to be free of it....for asthetic reasons.

    Do you know Candykillers work?

    How about Chogrin? Two of my favourites that I've discovered in the last year or so.

    I think it's hlarious that in a post were i tease about your spelling I make a huge spelling mistake myself..


    Have a day sir!

  4. Hi Willy,
    I do like Candykiller a lot. I have a big double-sized book of his stuff.

    Thanks for the comment!

  5. Got my Pukey Pals! Got my signed print! I'm one cool and happy dude! -- Mykal

  6. Hey Mykal! Thank you, It's much appreciated!

  7. yipes! cool, i am gonna have to get me one of these. i have to do a couple more babysitting jobs first...

  8. Ha ha! I feel yer pain, brother! I'm making less now than I did back in 1997.


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