Monday, January 4, 2010


(Continued from yesterday)

On the color wheel, yellow is the opposite of purple. Since I used dark purple for the shadows I needed to use yellow for the highlights. I did this the same way I did the shadows. I mixed 2 parts water to 1 part LIGHT YELLOW paint to create a transparent mixture. I hit the tops and left sides of everything in the path of the light. This step goes a lot quicker than the shadow step. The strongest, most built-up mixture of LIGHT YELLOW was on the pirate's nose, the top edge of the crow's nest. I put some of this mixture between the purple ripples in the water.

To make the telescope and the shark's fin seem shiny, I put a hard-edged, non-gradiating streak of unthinned LIGHT YELLOW on the upper left edges. I let all that dry over night.

(Last step tomorrow)


  1. KW: Interesting for a none-painter like me to read the thought process that goes into artwork. The yellow highlights really jump of the page - and now I know why! Brilliant. -- Mykal

  2. PS: I meant "non-painter", but none-painter works too! -- Mykal

  3. Thanks for the visit and the comment Mykal!

  4. ha nice!!'

    Hey Booger, we're you influenced by Wacky packages when you were a'd be great at it!

  5. Hi Manta Ray!
    I still have all my Wacky Packages, Crazy Labels, Garbage Pail Kids, Weird Wheels, Dinosaurs Attack cards. I loved those.


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