Thursday, June 18, 2009


My friend Allen and I made a movie. In the movie Allen sneaks into my garage when I'm gone. He attempts to build me a birdhouse for my birthday using my wood and my tools. Horrible accidents abound.

We filmed a couple hours worth of stuff, and after all the editing, it ended up being 15 minutes long. We used Windows Movie Maker to splice and edit scenes together, add music and sound effects, and titles and end credits. We know it's not the greatest quality but it was a lot of fun and we plan to make more.

Here's a small clip from our movie:


  1. Lucy likes finger food! Yayy!!!

    -- Matt

  2. HA! thanks for the comment, Matt!

  3. "If you don't know what you're doing, you've got no business messing with a bandsaw. So, we turn the sucker on. How do we turn it on?"

    I loved this! (nice garage, by the way). -- Mykal

  4. Thanks buddy! That wasn't acting, he really doesn't know what he's doing. now that i think about it, we could have had some real accidents.

  5. I started laughing so hard I almost crapped (can I say "crapped" on a family friendly blog?) my drawers !!!
    Then when the dog (your Pup is adorable Keith) comes along and eats the finger--I lost it.
    The famous Creach movie cue !!!! Oh, my, oh my... Lucas and Spielberg had better watch out!

  6. WOW, THANKS! a pants crap! i am honored.


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