Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Here's a song my brother and I made some years back (in the days of cassette tapes), based on some drawings made by Bob Canada.

Click HERE to listen to Octopus Gloves

These are the words if you can't make them out:
Bob was rockin' when he fell in love
She was wearing Octopus gloves
Tentacles around his neck
Love is just an inky cloud of death

Bob had a killin' urge when he was just a boy
He had a mean gym teacher by the name of Roy
Roy was just a lady's man
He had rabid poodles for his hands

Shishka Bob

Klingon women cling on him
The only thing he says to them: Ka-Pla!
Bob's drawing of Roy, the gym teach with rabid poodles for hands

Saturday, March 3, 2012


This kind of thing happens every day here in Eville Indiana. It was exciting at first but now I'm bored with it.

Actually if you don't already know this is a phone app you can get for free. It's called Action Movie FX.
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