Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Here's a song my brother and I made some years back (in the days of cassette tapes), based on some drawings made by Bob Canada.

Click HERE to listen to Octopus Gloves

These are the words if you can't make them out:
Bob was rockin' when he fell in love
She was wearing Octopus gloves
Tentacles around his neck
Love is just an inky cloud of death

Bob had a killin' urge when he was just a boy
He had a mean gym teacher by the name of Roy
Roy was just a lady's man
He had rabid poodles for his hands

Shishka Bob

Klingon women cling on him
The only thing he says to them: Ka-Pla!
Bob's drawing of Roy, the gym teach with rabid poodles for hands


  1. Ka-Pla ! A regular Don Swan wit da Lay-dees, eh chum ?

  2. Thanks lot for this useful article, nice post

  3. Lydexicuss
    Thanks for the comment and the visit! You know the ladies love the natural beauty of the Klingon spoken word.

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  4. ha ha ! is that a real spam terrorist ? you are so lucky, i never got bugged by one :~(

  5. if insane & borderline nonsensical is useful then I too thank you for whatever not-so-much resemble article thar non-haha naybe-Muslim spam-diver relish also.

  6. I can hear the Black Keys covering this one. great drums sounds, and the guitar is so fine! Any notes on equipment used? Spare no details!
    Loved it!!

  7. Lysdexicuss
    It IS a spammer! I've been getting hit by them all of the sudden. That's why I turned on the captcha. It didn't help 100% but it seems slightly better. I can't believe those guys think anyone would want to buy something from them when they're deceitful right off the bat.

    Thanks for the kind words! My brother drummed and I did the guitars. One funny thing about this song, after it was recorded I rewound the tape and accidentally hit Record instead of Play, and erased the 1st 2 riffs of one of my guitars. That's why you only hear a bass for the 1st 2 riffs.
    It was back in the days before there were UNDO buttons so when it was gone it was just gone. Fortunately I hit Stop before the 3rd riff so it sounds intentional.
    I added that 1-beat guitar chord to disguise the clipped end of the damaged track. It bothered me when it happened, but I think I like it better this way now that the painful memory is forgotten.

  8. What a great song!! Man, that's the perfect compliment of Bob's great drawing. "Love is just an inky cloud of death." Mind if I use that on my tombstone?

  9. Thanks Mykal!
    It would be an honor if you used that line on your tombstone.

  10. Hey Mr. Monster!
    I've lost your email...can you send me one?
    total computer crash but I'm up and running with a new one.

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