Sunday, January 29, 2012


These are little carvings I saw in China. They're made from nuts.

I bought a couple. I'm slightly nervous about them. I wonder if insects will get at them since they are edible.

Maybe they aren't edible. I'm not sure. They may be more like seeds.


 I haven't posted in a while because I've lost about 20 hours of my free time with a new job. I quit Karges Furniture because I had a good offer at another place. I loved Karges but I thought I should give this new thing a shot. It's tough getting used to after being at Karges for 21 years. That's half my life. So far, at the new job I've designed furniture for Bar Louie, Western Sizzlin', Holiday Inn, the Army and a bunch of other places.

 It's a pretty big culture shock from what I've done in the past. At Karges we had 6 months from the time someone ordered a piece to the time we shipped it. At the new place we have a few weeks. A lot of times we are still slapping the furniture together when the delivery truck arrives, and the driver will have to sit and wait for us. With each job it feels like there's no way we'll make it on time, but somehow it always manages to get done.

 So that's what happened.


  1. KW: Congratulations on the new job!! It must have been a huge decision after 21 years at Karges. What made you go for the new job?

  2. It was a pretty traumatic decision for me. I loved what I did and I was proud of the product, and I had some really good pals at Karges. At the new place there are a bunch of good guys too though, so that made it a little easier. It feels selfish to say it, but ultimately the reason I made the move was for the moola.

  3. Not selfish at all, amigo. While a decision like that should never be made solely on dough (in my humble), money does count. Let's face the facts. As adults, We have to eat, pay rent or mortgage, take care of loved ones, etc. All things being equal, the selfish decision would have been to stay comfortable and safe and not take a chance.

  4. When you put it like that it's easier to accept.
    Thanks Mykal


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