Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I saw this video a while back but had forgotten how good it was. Even knowing it's not real, it seems absolutely real to me. He's got personality and stylish moves. I like the second half of the video best. He looks into the money hat and then weeps at the pitiful amount. I also like how he stops everything he's doing to take the time to watch the pretty girls walking by. Too bad the Ed Sullivan Show isn't still on. I bet this skeleton would have been a huge hit back then. It's somewhat depressing to know a puppeteer this talented isn't already rich and famous, and is reduced to working street corners.


  1. the words brilliant and amazing come to mind, but i dont think that begins to cover it. the talent this fellow has is unbelievable. i liked his music selection too :)

  2. Yeah this guy is a master. Love the timing, and the attitude of "Skelly"...well observed movement and yes great music. All told, a wonderful package.
    I'd give this guy ten bucks easily.

  3. Willy, thanks for the visit and the comment!
    Hope your day is good

    Electrical guys: I suspect your electrical service isn't too gud. How come you're reading blogs instead of working on some wiring?

  4. Love the sincere comments by the electricians - just a guy who loves a great blog.

    It's amazing how much character this guy puts into the puppet. Great stuff.

    New blog: The Spectre Lives


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